Our Mission

CavefestUK is the UK’s only gathering of cavers focused primarily on exploring local caves during the event. A South West & Somerset based company that has organised caving festivals for the last 3 years. We are dedicated to bringing cavers and potential cavers together to share knowledge and explore a variety of caves in a supportive and social way. The aim of the event is to explore the caves while sharing our knowledge and ideas, creating a better public understanding of all things caving by giving more people an opportunity to take a lo🥚k.

For the Caver and the curious  alike. Explore millions of years of history just below your feet, an environment unlike any you will experience above ground. From the intriguing Formations helictites and gower pools to the wonders of calcite waterfalls many metres high. From a gentle stroll through big caverns to the challenges of climbs up water falls and manoeuvring through rifts created by the magnitude of the earths movements throughout the ages.

Ok, that was deep (pardon the pun). So what do our regular cavers have to look forward to? The opportunity to cave with new and joyful cavers. There is nothing like visiting a cave with someone full of the joy of a toddler seeing the world for the first time. How about the route less travelled? We have some restricted access cave trips booked that require registered leaders to guide your trip. These organised trips are not to be missed and have all the otherworldly beauty you could wish for.

Join us at CavefestUK for a voyage of exploration and discovery into the hidden depths of the Mendips. Meet some great people who share a passion for caving, cave conservation, sport and cider of course (we are in Somerset after all). CavefestUK aims to bring the community together to explore the wonders of caving.

It is important to us that the spirit of togetherness is at the heart of what we do. Our volunteers give their time and effort behind the scenes all year round just to make CavefestUK happen. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

CavefestUK are fast becoming the No.1 cave festival organisation team in the country. The reason for this is our open approach to caving and open-minded thinking. We take pride in providing events for cavers as we are all cavers ourselves.

Our family-friendly campsites and warm welcome, fantastic social atmosphere and various activities and adventures to take part in, give the perfect opportunity for cavers to enjoy everything about their sport.
By focusing on the active side of caving, along with the social side of things, we are able to create an event that appeals to everyone.

The leaders’ availability and access arrangements are handled by CavefestUK, and is done with close co-operation with local caving councils and their members.

All proceeds go to charity and the future of CavefestUK festivals

Our future goal is to become the No.1 providers of UK caving festivals, and to continue to do so in an inclusive way, bringing people and their communities together.

We're not for profit

Your donations help us to create bigger and better events for you!