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By Neil Maine-Jackson | 03/Mar/20

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About BCA

The British Caving Association is the national body for underground exploration in the United Kingdom. It represents individuals and groups with a genuine interest in caves, karst and associated phenomena, whether from a strictly sporting viewpoint, a scientific viewpoint, or a combination of both.

Through close liaison with its member organisation, NAMHO it also seeks to represent and support mining history societies and all those with an interest in the man-made underground environment.

Through its democratic structure and Regional Councils it will:

  • maintain and seek to improve access to caves and sites of speleological interest.
  • seek to achieve a better public understanding of all matters to do with caves & caving
  • encourage and support cave conservation in its widest interpretation.
  • promote and advise on training, equipment, science and safety.
  • promote and administer caver training.
  • provide necessary services and information on behalf of cavers in general, and promote an exchange of ideas and information between members.
  • organise and/or support meeting and events, including training, conservation, science and education.

Official endorsement.

“It was a very proud moment when the BCA voted to endorse Cavefestuk. Their support and advice has been invaluable, and we look forward to a positive future working with them.”

Neil Maine-Jackson

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