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Named after two cavers heavily involved in the initial exploration (F. J. Goddard and C. C. Barker of UBSS), this cave has everything. Some squeezes, a duck (but no sump), huge open caverns, a waterfall, a rock bridge and a large underground river. Not to mention some superb stal, curtains and helectites. It's not too strenuous so a great cave for intermediate cavers (no novices allowed).

The simplest route follows Mud Passage from the entrance (the alternative Devil’s Elbow route is harder and tighter but spectacular) into the spectacular Gorge which is up to 12 metres high. Following this down you encounter the bridge, an arch which crosses the streamway and leads to the Gallery where there are great views of the ceiling formations. Then on to White Passage, Rift Chamber and The Loop which opens out into a chamber with more good views over the stream and roof. Further down you reach the Oxbow and eventually drop down into the bottom of the Main Chamber.
An interesting manoeuvre using both ends of the ladder in turn allows access to the Ladder Dig. A short way along this is a small chamber with superb helectite formations and this is followed by a short duck to reach Bat Passage and the superb Great Chamber with gour pools, the Broken Pillar and extensive roof and floor formations.

Photo credit: Leigh Slomer


Quick Facts


3-4 hours

2000 meters

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