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Although a novice cave, this cave has does have some extreme challenges within. The entrance is vertical and easily climbed but opens into a key hole shaped space that will need caution.

The best way is to bum shuffle with legs in front across the gap. For some, a ladder may be set up to assist.
The upper part of the cave consists of a maze of crawlable passageway and some larger open spaces to root around. You will find the passages twist and wind around and are often interlinking. A great place to explore your limits as there are also a few squeezes to attempt here and there, all of which are avoidable.
However, the lower section of this cave requires a braver and often much slimmer caver.
The rift squeeze at the top of the lower section is formidable to say the least with only 6-9 inches of space between rocks. Its harder on return as no foot holds are available and squeezing upwards through this gap is strenuous to say the least.
The lower section is more open, but not much and does offer a nice short trip up to the Hanging Gardens. A survey is recommended as navigation can be trick for an unfamiliar caver.

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2 hours

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