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About Deep descent

Not much in the way of formations but an interesting squeezy entrance passage leads to a large chamber and a couple of digs.

A typical Mendip small (and sometimes overgrown) hole in the bottom of a deep depression leads straight into a squeezy, steep descent. This is tight on the way down but with gravity assisting not too hard to negotiate. But save some energy for the way out because it’s tighter going up as you have to use your arms more. Once through this section a short traverse across a drop (carabiner or cowstail can be used if you’r not confident – there is a fixed rope) and then a fairly straightforward descent into a large chamber. From here there are a few options. There’s a hole in the floor which passes under a wobbly rock and down to a short dig with a nice beach. Or you can go straight ahead along another traverse (fixed rope again) into another smaller chamber on the right, from where a muddy crawl leads to a dig and a narrow slot like aven leads up then closes off. On the way back out it’s possible to rig a safety rope from the higher traverse and climb up the large chamber or you can simply retrace your route back out. Care is required at the top of the large chamber not to dislodge rocks onto cavers below.

Photo Credit: Rich Peters of Mendip Caving group

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