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Kit required - Basic kit This trip only visits a large cavern, just below the surface, once lived in by early man.

A small streamway cascades down a 4m climb into a stooping chamber that quickly opens up into a spacious chamber. (enter book dimensions) The chance to try clambering over rocks and poking into hidden holes can be explored. Easy exit to the surface can be made here and a beautiful setting outside allows family members to accompany the caver and not actually enter the cave.

Reads Cavern – Lads Luck & Zed Alley. Intermediate/advanced. Kit required – Basic dry kit. Trip time 1 -3 hrs depending on group size. Exploring the lower regions of this cave will challenge you with tight passageway and loose boulder ruckles to negotiate. It is advised to attempt to reach Brownes Alley and Lads Luck from the Zed Alley direction as rock movements are a problem in the boulder ruckle below the main chamber. Route finding is also difficult if not familiar with the cave so do take great care. 

Photo credit: Steve Sharp photography

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