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What could be better - a cave in a pub car park! And not just any pub, this is the legendary Hunter’s Lodge Inn, epicentre of most things caving on Mendip.Intermediate, fairly easy caving with a short pitch at the entrance a 300m tight crawl downhill leads to the cave. Prepare to get wet if you wish to explore the further reaches.

The entrance is free climbable but better done using a short ladder. Then along the main entrance shaft which is fairly roomy but varies from walkable to a nice slide. Through a boulder choke there’s a well decorated passage, Happy Hour Highway, which leads via a crawl and choke to another well decorated passage, the Barmaids’ Bedrooms. A crawl out of the end of this passage leads to another long decorated passage containing near the end some Pleistocene reindeer and bison bones. There’s an optional side excursion to Pewter Pot and Brown Ale Boulevard – the latter accessible after passing through a canal so be prepared to get wet! This is a fairly recently explored cave which was opened up during the foot and mouth crisis in the 2001 when access to the Mendip farmland was prohibited, closing off many of the normal caves. Don’t miss a pint in the pub and a chat with Landlord Roger.

Photo Credit: Gary Bayliss of Mendips Caving Group

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3 hours

300 meters


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