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Expert, difficult cave due to awkward sump but well worth it for the delights. This cave is another active streamway cave and is often flowing well.

The entrance series consists of crawling passageways and small low level chambers along the streamway that eventually lead to a rather infamous sump. The approach to the sump requires full submersion and gentle manoeuvres to make it easy and is immediately followed by the sump chamber itself.
An armchair like position readies you for the very shot sump into a river passage and a quick wade on will bring you to dry chambers.
Beyond the sump are many chambers filled with decorative formations and some spectacular views can be seen. The more adventurous cavers may even push the various sumps up to 9, but once past sump 1, there is plenty for you to discover in the relative dry.
A challenging and rewarding adventure.

Photo credit: Steve Sharp

Quick Facts


4 hours

300 meters


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