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Leader cave Intermediate, beyond the showcave nothing difficult. Interesting and wet.

Anyone who has visited the show caves in recent years would likely have had their tour guides point out the entrance to this dig site. From Wookey 20 straight up the steep slope. You would be forgiven for thinking that entering this would be a simple case of popping through to see a muddy little hole. But you would be very much mistaken. This entry continues on for quite some distance with an absolute Abundance of different formations. Not to challenging a trip as much is clambering over boulders. Care is to be taken on some slippery passes which are provided with a hand line. And of course you must be ever vigilant to ensure no damage is done in these beautiful surroundings. A rare opportunity to visit this part of the show caves which is not open to the public. A small climb down and before long you will find the muddy hole you expected 40mins or more ago. No digging required, although your welcome to grab a spade and throw a couple of shovels worth down to say you have done a bit.

Photo credit: Jason Cardwell of Mendips Caving Group

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2 hours

300 meters


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