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kit required - Basic kit Expect puddles, crawling, awkward manoeuvres and climbing up and down. The perfect cave for cavers just starting out

 who want to explore the sport. With ample off shoots to look into and optional routes, you are faced with a variety of challenges throughout the trip. It sounds worse than it is. An enjoyable trip for everyone. Rods pot – Bath Swallet – Through trip Novice/Intermediate Trip time – 3 – 4hrs As an option to the in out route, Bath Swallet can be pre rigged with ladders and belay/lifeline before you enter Rods to enable the through trip. Although an option for the keen novice, the climb out is some 20 meters from the bottom and will include 15 meters of ladders to climb. The trip time is 3-4hrs, but could easily be more if you choose to explore further into Bath Swallet while you pass through. With the extensions in Rods pot too, trip time could lengthen significantly. Be mindful of this. 

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