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An unimpressive cover in a small dip in a field opens onto a narrow pipe with a wobbly ladder. Once down there’s another short equally wobbly ladder and a passage to the top of the first pitch.

This is free climbable and has some nice formations at the top protected by a short rope. At the bottom in a small chamber is the first of several disorienting changes of direction as the route doubles back through a narrow slot to the top of the second pitch. This is also free climbable although a ladder and lifeline will help shorter and less experienced cavers. From here it’s a downwards sloping narrow passage, fairly squeezy and awkward if you’re carrying a bag. Soon the top of Keen’s Pot is encountered at a sharp corner with some nice formations including a translucent curtain.

Keen’s Pot needs a ladder but is easily crossed over and more descent leads to Balcony Pot. There are 3 ways on from here with a careful traverse straight across leading to a passage which descends and narrows past more nice formations and a crystal shelf until it chokes out at Kate’s Calamity. On the way a nicely decorated grotto is passed which has some attractive clean white formations in it.

While there are more possible excursions into Blood Alley from the bottom of Balcony Pot and up into the Gods from above Balcony Pot, the short trip now returns the way it came.

This short trip has a nice blend of squeezes and formations and as it is not frequently visited there are also nicely preserved fossils and geodes along the way.

Photo Credit James Wilfred Harrison of Mendip Caving Group

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