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By Cave Man | 07/Feb/20

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25th January 2019

CavefestUk filming at Wookey Hole 

So myself, Neil, and Nick arrived at the MCG cottage to get a handle on what the day would comprise of. We headed to a Wookey Hole mid morning to get some Instagram posts ready and kick off our publicity for the day. This comprised of a wander around the grounds and acting pretty daft, spot the odd cave man… yep very odd. A little t-Rex fight reenactment. Much fun and daftness! 

Most everyone that was planned to join us, did so mostly on time. Although our face of cavefest, Dave Cook had headed to Cheddar. Yep, head in hands. Mel joined us first and gave me and Neil a nice how-to on our swanky new website. 

Many ‘Daves’ turned up, for our Dave-in-a-Cave filming. Watch this space for the incoming competition. While I continued to bury my head in the website with Mel, Pad gave all our ‘Daves’ a briefing on the storyline we were planning to film. I won’t go into any detail on this as the filming will be worth the wait!

Our Wookey guide, MCG member and cavefest supporter Jamie joined us at 5pm to take us to the cave. Much kit was lugged up the hill to the main entrance. Initially the filming entailed only a couple of ‘Daves’ so we all kept quiet while filming commenced as boy does sound travel in there! 

We were super lucky that Wookey Hole had given us very rare access to the areas off the beaten track, although for various reasons we had to avoid Wild Wookey’s set up, entering the water or using the boat. Fortunately we had experienced some of this on a previous trip.  

We eventually headed off over the railings to the dig beyond Wookey chamber 20, the end of the tourist route. On a previous visit I had been astounded, and was again. Looking up the muddy slope from the tourists scaffolding platform you imagine a muddy little hole. But my it is sooo much more! Dave headed off in front at a fair pace, and we had to call him back for filming a couple of times. We didn’t get all the way to the dig but did do some filming not far away from the end. Hilarity ensued as we all took up our roles as ‘Daves’, yes even Tanya was a ‘Dave’ for the day, or perhaps a Davina.  

We headed back as we were due to meet our resident musician Sam Evans for a linking shot. The acoustics in Wookey 3 are astounding! Watch this space for an acoustic evening with Sam Evans in Wookey hole, our Cavefestuk fundraiser. A great musician and a rare opportunity to enjoy it in such a fantastic space. 

We crawled out of the water, at least it hopefully looked like we did, although we hadn’t entered the water. We headed on around Sam with his suitably bemused look following us around the chamber. And that’s a wrap!  

Next up some interesting story line continuation to be filmed in Swildons. 

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